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Updated: 11 April, 2011



Eco driving package

In the ecodriving package the simulator teaches you how to save up to 20 or 30% of fuel by applying another style of driving. We offer a fun way of experiencing the effect of driving style on fuel consumption. You learn how to save money and reduce CO2 emission and that's good for the environment. The complete session takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

First, you drive through a virtual environment of a town in the same way as you normally drive in your car. After that, you receive instructions on how to drive eco-friendly and then you drive the same route while the virtual instructor in the simulator gives instructions and feedback. This teaches you in a very natural way the principles of eco driving. On the monitor you see immediately the effect of driving behaviour of fuel consumption. After both drives, you get a printout that shows how much you can save and how fuel consumption decreases, given your driving style, when you apply what you have learned in the simulator.

This is very instructive and makes you aware of the effect of your driving style on fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

The package requires installation of Microsoft Excel.

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