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Updated: 11 April, 2011



Police training

For police and emergency services we offer the package "driving with optical and sound signals (siren)". This consists of 4 lessons where the trainee drives to an accident. During the lesson, the trainee switches the siren on or off. The autonomous intelligent traffic detects the police car and responds to the siren, sometimes according to the prevailing traffic rules and rules involving priority vehicles, but sometimes with startle reactions or annoying behaviour. There's a lesson on a highway and three in a city environment with different levels of complexity. In addition, the simulators can be connected to allow training of teams (team-based skills).

All lessons are recorded and during the recording, playback markers are added before entering each intersection, at an accident, of before special events such as a traffic jam. In addition, trainers can add playback markering events. After the session during debriefing, the lesson can be played back and the recording can be returned to each playback marker event. You can view the traffic situation from various different angles.

Important characteristics that contribute to a high training efficiency:

  • Visual system with high resolution and high graphical framerate.
  • Structured training as a priority vehicle with optical and soundsignals in high density traffic with realistic traffic behaviour.
  • Analysis of behaviour on intersections with record/replay and eventlogging by multiple raters.
  • Simulators can be connected enabling team training of team-based skills.